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I would like to introduce myself as the newly appointed Chair of Governors For Ernehale Schools and took up the post from January of this year.


I am delighted to have taken up this position and am pleased to say that I am proud of the school, it’s ethos and ongoing achievements, as are my fellow governors.


We have a fantastic team, an excellent calibre of staff; both teaching and support staff who are led by an effective Head Teacher. The whole team work tirelessly to ensure that each and every one of our young pupils reach their full potential, achieving the very best they can. Ernehale Schools has a very clear focus on achievement and strives to grow responsible and caring adults.


The governing body at Ernehale Junior can say with confidence that our children are encouraged and developed in an atmosphere of respect, high expectation and care. This is achieved with support from everyone here, including you as parents, carers, guardians, and grandparents. We have worked together to develop an excellent home, school and community relationship providing the best learning environment we could wish for our children.


Our governors have a wide range of responsibilities and are one of the largest volunteer workforces in the country, giving freely and generously their time to help Ernehale achieve the highest standard. Our Governors are from a variety of walks of life and offer their expertise in all aspects of school life to ensure continuous improvement to your child’s learning experience and the school environment; regularly challenging the performance and focus of the school.


We strive to ensure that we listen to you as parents and as a school contribute to the wider local community, ensuring that our young people appreciate diversity and understand their local community.


The Governing body hope that you find the information on the school website useful and would welcome any feedback that you might like to give. You are welcome to visit and see us in action.


If you have any questions or concerns, my governing colleagues and I can be reached by contacting the school.


Ann Eastham
Chair of Governors

Register of Governors Business Interests Sept 2020

The Governing body at Ernehale Infant school are proud of the school and are very supportive and understand the context of the school.


We have a broad range of skills which enables us to effectively support and challenge our staff in order to ensure the children receive the best possible education.

We have the following committees

Local Governing Body - LGB

Finance Committee - FC

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