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What is e-safety?


‘E-safety is about the safety issues associated with information systems and electronic communications as a whole. This encompasses not only the internet but all wireless electronic communications including mobile phones, games consoles, cameras and webcams. It also needs to take into account the increasing mobility of access to digital technology through the range of mobile devices.

It is really important to remember that the issue at hand is not the technology but the behaviour around how we use it; the use of new technologies in education brings more benefits than risks.’


Nottingham County Council E-Safety Policies: Advice & guidance to schools.

The Internet offers great experiences for adults and children. There are opportunities to improve your life, have some fun, enhance your education or pursue business interests. Nowadays, young people are often enthusiastic Internet users - particularly of interactive services like: Online games, Email, Chat and Instant Messaging. However, like many exciting activities, there are risky situations to deal with and hazards to avoid.


Keeping up to date with what your children are doing online can seem daunting. Technology is constantly advancing and sometimes parents feel that their children know more about the internet than they do.


At Ernehale Infants School we take E-Safety very seriously. Using computers and technology is an increasingly important skill and understanding how to do so safely is a vital part of everybody's education. E-Safety is taught regularly throughout our school through lessons, in assemblies and PSHE to keep the children informed and up to date on how to stay safe online. We have created an E-Safety leaflet which reinforces what we do in school, into a home friendly format that we hope you will find useful.



Useful Websites On E-Safety